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Tour of Liberty Wa. Gold Claim

Written by Michele Brawn (email)
posted under 'club event reports', 'getting started prospecting'
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I wanted to write something to describe what there is to do in Liberty for those who haven't yet been.

The weather is mostly sunny in Liberty when it's not here, the air is clean and there is much to do. You can hike, rockhound for several things such as quartz crystals, tramaline, Ellensburg blue's (which are precious and rarer than diamonds), blue lace agates and other agates, rubies, sapphires, & garnets. You can also visit Redtop mountain- the scenery is fabulous and you can visit the open state geode fields. A great family afternoon.

A light dusting of gold

Amongst the stones you can hunt for, is the infamous gold. Crystaline, wire, leaf and gold nuggets are a peice of the town's history and still today are hunted and found.

Besides the fact that we hunt for these precious things, some may want to just relax and take in the beauty and serinity of the outdoors. Lots of elk, deer, turkey, bear, & cougar are all known to be around and have been seen. You can hunt, (of course abiding by all laws and liscenses) hike, 4 wheel, use your ATV's (in certain areas) and camp.

Your Rv will fit, your camper or tent in plenty of places on the claims. If you get hungry, go to the famous Liberty cafe. The people are freindly, the food is great and the atmosphere, only Liberty style. Gold is displayed at the restraunt for those seeking a little inspiration. It is a great stop or break to get a home cooked meal.

The historic town of Liberty is a blast from the past. There are not many who live in the town, but they are great folks. The Liberty museum, at the town's firestation, has photgraphs of Liberty's gold strikes, history and information and is something that all should see. It certainly will give you gold fever if you haven't caught it yet! You can also stop at the local & only store in town, run by our local friends & fellow prospectors, who live at the historic site, and grab and ice cream or just a postcard.

So, this is just a tid-bit of information. It is a beautiful place, a quiet place, and most of all a historic place. We want to keep it this way, so please enjoy respectfully for those who live in the community, and good luck on your treasure hunt!

We are looking forward to a great year here and keeping Liberty the place it is supposed to be. God's country: Beautiful, fun and a little piece of history. But remember...we still have history to make here. :)

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Posted on Apr 04, 2011 20:22 PM

I have my band of Leprechauns ready to find the gold here at Liberty.If you don't believe me then grow eyes in the back of your head and follow then to the pocket gold

M. Brawn

Posted on Apr 04, 2011 23:20 PM

Looking forward to this year and all the outings! :) Gauranteed FUN


Posted on Apr 13, 2011 09:54 AM

The family and I have been looking forward to this outing since we joined. should be a great time. Just need to figure out how I can get my boss to give me the summer off so I can spend all summer in Liberty. :-)


Posted on Mar 31, 2012 19:27 PM

Ihave stopped in Liberty many times just to drive through and get a look at what it used be, a roaring gold town, also did visit the previous resturant and store on one of my visits. When I found out this club had access to gold claims I had to join so I could soak in more of the feeling. Now I can plan to stay longer than just a few minutes there and really enjoy it. I am a new member but want to prospect as much as possible this summer. There has to be some more gold left in them there hills.

4/18/2014 5:07:31 PM