Live Your Gold Prospecting Dream!

It's always a whirlwind of gold prospecting activity here at our little historic mining shop, with our active and lively members, at our great gold mining and prospecting claims and of course right here on our website. Stay up to date with all our gold mining and prospecting adventures through our packed calendar of member events and our fun and informational gold prospecting blog...and don't forget: we can help you get out there and live your gold prospecting dreams!

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New Members

Please join us in welcoming our newest Prospectors Plus members:

I. INACTIVE DBL (Apr 18), B. Deardorff (Apr 18), M. Liezers (Apr 17), C. Wright (Apr 17), D. Groner (Apr 17), L. Ehnhardt (Apr 17), I. INACTIVE DBL (Apr 17), J. Dykes (Apr 17), I. INACTIVE DBL (Apr 16), T. Duffy (Apr 16), G. Brislin (Apr 16), I. INACTIVE DBL (Apr 16)

Who is Prospectors Plus?

Prospectors Plus is a real working gold mining and prospecting store with an active and lively gold prospecting club. Our passion is to teach and promote practical, safe and profitable prospecting and mining be you a young mini-miner or an old 'sour dough'. Don't have a bunch of fancy equipment? That's alright. In our store, we have public wash bins - so bring your concentrates. We have rock crushers - so bring in those rocks! We have tumblers to shine'em up and kilns to capture all that micro-gold! With a little help from Prospectors Plus you're going to have the skills, confidence and equipment to get out there and get your share gold (and have fun in the process)!

The philosophy behind Prospectors Plus and our prospecting club is rooted in bringing people together, openly sharing experience and advice to promote a vibrant gold mining and prospecting community. And we are doing just that - one member at time on a growing list more than 1200+ acres of prime private prospecting territory dedicated to our members.

So we encourage you to get outdoors. Get off the couch. Put down the phone. Get away from the office. Grab the kids, a shovel and a bucket and come join us in the adventure of gold mining and prospecting. Come see what you can discover! And don't forget, our members keep all the gold they find!


As we always say, "Live long & Prospect!"
Your lifelong friends at PROSPECTORS PLUS!

4/18/2014 9:48:16 PM